Krames On FHIR®

Let clinicians communicate with their patients right from their EHR, offering them all the knowledge they need to live happier and healthier lives.

We’re committed to simplifying your workflow with market-leading technology that delivers trusted Krames content in a fast, easy, flexible system. Available now in the SMART App Gallery.

What Is Krames On FHIR?

Krames On FHIR is an innovative app for EHR users to deliver patient education at the point of care. Using SMART on FHIR technologies, this solution integrates seamlessly into your EHR and allows you to provide a bundle of educational tools based on the patient’s profile and current clinical encounter.

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Why Krames On FHIR?

plug and play technology

Integrates Seamlessly into your EHR:

Requires minimal technical resources to enable and implement.

auto documentation updates

Auto Documentation Updates:

Securely reads patient data from the EHR, using the SMART on FHIR integration, and writes data back into the EHR to meet Meaningful Use requirements.

IT Time savings.png

IT Time Savings:

Eliminates the need for quarterly uploads of patient education.

real time content updates.png

Real Time Content Updates:

Continually updates patient education materials using Krames’ best-in-class and evidence-based methodologies.

Robust User Experience.png

Robust User Experience:

Each user can tag favorite tools and organize folders for ease of use.

And Much More:

  • Meaningful Use Patient Education Credit
  • Contextual Search—By Keyword or Clinical Codes
  • Customer Branding—Logo
  • In-Line Editing (Patient Specific Custom Document)
  • Filter Education by Age and Gender
  • Optimized for Print
  • Modify Font Size, Include Video Transcripts