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Life's Simple 7Life's Simple 7® provides steps for achieving ideal cardiovascular health and is the basis of the American Heart Association's online initiative: My Life Check™. Visitors of My Life Check™ can use data from their health care visits to determine their "personal heart score" and develop an action plan for a healthier life.

A series of brochures is available to support My Life Check™. Health care professionals, hospital staff, health plans, and employers can order the brochures at

  • Life's Simple 7: Seven Steps to a Healthier Heart
  • My Personal Health Tracker
  • Making Healthy Food and Lifestyle Choices
  • Understanding and Improving Your Cholesterol
  • Understanding and Controlling Your High Blood Pressure
  • Easy Food Tips for Heart Healthy Eating
  • Just Move: Our Guide to Physical Activity
  • Diabetes, Heart Disease and Stroke
  • Quit Smoking for Good
  • Losing Weight the Healthy Way

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